Here at Rebel UK we specialize in sports apparel and equipment. With influence from our Crossfit background, we try to tailor our products to the wants and needs of all types of athlete. The company was founded in 2016 by 3 friends who met in our local Crossfit affiliate. After connecting this way we shared our passion for Crossfit, the community, and everything that comes with it, including cool gear! As with most in the community we wanted the next cool product for our kit bag, our ever growing stash needed more. We decided to design and make our own unique brand that would have quality at its heart, something that we can be proud of, will work and be loved by the rest of the community. We believe we have achieved this with each and every product we have brought to market so far. We are proud to manufacture in the UK and, wherever possible, use local businesses to help us bring you high quality equipment and apparel.



I have been doing Crossfit for around 4 years, starting at my nearest Box, Crossfit Clitheroe, then moving to Crossfit Pendle a year or two later when my best friend opened his own Box. Since then I have really enjoyed every aspect of the training program and am a self confessed addict! Through my love of the sport I really wanted to find a way to be more involved in the whole industry and a Crossfit brand made perfect sense, My passion with this brand is focusing on quality, with this as our primary goal everything else will fall in to place. I really love what I do and I know this will translate to the products we provide.



I am co owner of Rebel UK. After leaving the military I realised that I took the way I trained for granted. No longer was I part of a team who encouraged each other, pushed each other and picked each other off the floor when required. It took a while but eventually I found the sport that did just that! Motivation, camaraderie, blood sweat and tears all key to the sports success.

I soon came to the conclusion that although there are some great products out there, there are also some inferior items that fill the market too. Our aim here at Rebel UK is to enable athletes (YES you are an Athlete!) to source products with confidence and to build a brand that stands out from the rest for all the right reasons. Be different; Rebel!